Here you’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Lightsabers, Holocrons, Kyber Crystals, and other Galaxy’s Edge technology. Huge thanks to the Galaxy’s Edge Discord community for asking many of these questions and providing some of the more elusive answers. If you’re as excited about this stuff as we are, we encourage you to join the community and also share your own information, discoveries, and mods in the #makerspace, #swge-lightsabers, #datapad, #swge-droids channels.

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Galaxy’s Edge Lightsabers (29)

Savi’s Workshop Lightsabers and Legacy Lightsabers are available (and exclusive!) to Galaxy’s Edge. There is also a Padawan training lightsaber available too.

Savi’s Workshop’s lightsabers are sabers custom designed by guests in Galaxy’s Edge. Cast Members will also refer to them as scrap, as lightsabers are banned by the First Order.

Legacy sabers are canon prop replicas of sabers from characters such as Luke Skywalker, Rey, Obi Wan, and more. These sabers are only available from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

  • Ahsoka – White
  • Asajj – Red
  • Darth Maul – Red
  • Darth Vader – Red
  • Kylo Ren – Red w/ Unstable Blade Animation Effect
  • Luke – Green
  • Mace – Purple
  • Obi-Wan – Blue
  • Rey – Blue
  • Temple Guard – Yellow
  • Rey Reforged – Blue
  • Ben Solo – Blue

Savi’s sabers use kyber crystals to determine their blade color & sounds, and they also have removable/interchangeable hilt pieces. Legacy sabers’s do not use kyber crystals, and do not have removable hilt pieces.

There are 4 different saber styles to chose from, but each of the pieces are interchangeable.

Each theme’s icon is influenced by a major historical art movement (art style). From Left to Right:

Credit: @brujasagrada on the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Discord Server

Hilt, Emitter, Sleeves, Activation Plates/Switches, Pommel

Savi’s sabers require a kyber crystal, and run off of 3 AAA batteries.

There are three blade sizes currently available: 26″, 31″ and 36″. The 31″ is only available with the purchase of a Savi’s saber and is included with the saber building experience. The other blades are available for purchase separately at Dok’s.

If you’re lucky, yes. But many do not. It seems that it wasn’t considered a manufacturing requirement at the time. You experience will vary.

It’s the threads– on some pieces these threads don’t end in a position that would line up the design motiffs to make your little OCD heart happy inside. Just breathe. It’s ok. Everything will be ok.

Yes, we know the only way to get your furious eye twitching to stop is to get that sweet sweet symmetry. Luckily there’s several easy, cheap solutions available, such as using plumbers’ tape or plumbers’ slip washers.

Depending on the saber, they use D-rings and covertec wheels.

The official instructions (found attached to the stock black Savi’s saber bag) states, “Do not use rechargeable batteries”. This is likely because rechargeable batteries have less voltage output than their non-rechargeable equivalents, and the Savi’s sabers are very power hungry.

Yes, again, due to voltage requirements and having a slower voltage drop-off than alkaline batteries.

Energizer Max, or another brand’s equivalent.

White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black. The black crystal has a red blade and red sound effects.

Yes… and no. Maybe. Unreleased orange and teal crystals were found while data mining, but these do not work correctly with current blades, and they are completely unusable in both Jedi and Sith holocrons.

  • Orange kyber will display orange correctly in the kyber chamber, but will display yellow blade + sounds
  • Teal kyber will display teal correctly in the kyber chamber, but with blue blade + sounds

We don’t know. It depends on a lot of factors, such as how much are they willing to stray from Canon… as well as how often are they willing to refresh stock product versions with updated software. There is an orange lightsaber confirmed in the upcoming Canon game, Star Wars: Fallen Order, but no official confirmation of a teal lightsaber in Canon universe yet outside of rumors and speculation.

  • Orange and teal kybers will only require a new blade, but not a new hilt.
  • Any additional new kyber/blade color will probably require a new blade AND a new hilt
  • Any new kyber voice will absolutely require an updated holocron from Disney with new files.

This is a common problem, and looks to be universally present in all sabers currently. Fresh batteries do help.

Savi’s all use 3xAAA batteries, while Legacy sabers differ between 3xAAA or 3xAA depending on model.

Current research points to “no”.

Probably yes? For sabers that already existed as Disney Parks Exclusive lightsabers, it looks like they’re using the same internal electronics… at least as far as the Kylo Ren lightsaber is concerned. We won’t know if any non-DPE lightsabers (such as Ashoka’s) until we do a hands-on teardown.

These sabers do not turn “off” in the traditional sense. There is always power running through the system. You can extend battery life by removing the blade and/or kyber crystal.

It’s using one data wire to communicate with some unknown form of serial/UART protocol via PWM. It’s similar to OneWire Protocol, but not an exact match.

These FCC documents were found and listed in a Reddit thread. (source)

  • Jedi Holocron: Link
  • Sith Holocron: Link
  • Custom Lightsaber: Link

Holocrons (3)

Kyber Crystals (11)

Savi’s sabers, Jedi holocrons and Sith holocrons.

White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black (hidden in Red kyber canisters, blind box style).

No. It makes the same blade color and sounds as the red crystal.

There’s three different cuts: Skinny, Medium and Jagged/Large.

Sort of. Medium light side crystals can have any of the appropriate voices on them, but medium red crystals can be either Maul, Vader or Vader 8-Ball. Small Pointy and Large Jagged crystals appear to have static voices linked to them.

  • Small Pointy Cut
    • Blue – Obi-wan
    • Green – Qui-Gon
    • White – Ashoka
    • Yellow – Maz
    • Red – Sidious
  • Large Jagged Cut
    • Blue – Old Luke
    • Green – Yoda
    • White – Chirrut
    • Yellow – Temple Guard
    • Red – Dooku

No, kybers only contain an ID number to reference the actual audio data located on the holocron itself.

17 unique kybers/voices. For more information (including full transcripted dialogue) please visit Nick’s Holocron Crystal Database

On current gen 1 holocrons, no. On the holocron itself, there’s no additional dialogue “files” beyond the currently known 17. (Huge thanks to Ruthsarian’s excellent holocron’s flashrom research for this info.)

Inside there is a small 125khz EM4x05 RFID transponder (tag), in the form of a chip + a rod antenna coil. These are the same tech as electronic door key fobs, or even ID chips in pets– an RFID scanner in the saber/holocron scans the tag to learn it’s Tag ID in order to identify it.

Each kyber has a reference number it sends wirelessly via RFID. In the saber or holocron, there is a list of all these numbers, along with which blade color+sound or holocron voice to play with each number.

Nope, no batteries. They use RFID, which get power wirelessly from RFID transmitters.

Kybers: RFID, Custom Crystals, & Mods (14)

For full details on what kyber crystal data we have found, please view our spreadsheet.

You’ll need to use a 125khz RFID Reader/Writer. We personally use and recommend the Proxmark 3, but can verify that several Discord members have had success with handheld RFID reader/writers. Just make sure your reader doesn’t add its own proprietary password to any tag it rewrites.

We have a video tutorial available here.

Discord members Ruthsarian and Tablet both have video tutorials we recommend.

For full details on what kyber crystal data we have found, please view our spreadsheet. If you’re using a handheld writer, Tablet has prepared an easy-to-read list of current kybers:

  • 3072 – White (Ashoka)
  • 3073 – Red (Vader)
  • 3074 – Orange light inside hilt with yellow a blade, no voice in holocrons
  • 3075 – Yellow (Temple Guard)
  • 3076 – Green (Qui-Gon)
  • 3077 – Teal light inside hilt with a blue blade, no voice in holocrons
  • 3078 – Blue (Old Ben)
  • 3079 – Purple (Mace Windu 2)
  • 3080 – White (Chirutt)
  • 3081 – Red (Emperor)
  • 3082 – Red (Count Dooku)
  • 3083 – Yellow (Maz Kanata)
  • 3084 – Green (Yoda)
  • 3085 – Red (Darth Maul)
  • 3086 – Blue (Old Luke)
  • 3087 – Purple (Mace Windu)
  • 3122 – Green (Yoda Magic 8 ball)
  • 3123 – Red (Snoke)
  • 3121 – Red (Vader Magic 8 ball)

Both methods work.

Nope! Don’t take your crystal apart please.

Nope! NFC is not the same thing as RFID– it’s a related but different technology.

Nope! They can’t read them at all, so it thinks that there’s no crystal inside of them. You won’t get colors or voice.

Define “custom”? Can you make a new crystal “shell” but use an existing color? Yes. Can you make a new shell with new color? No.

Maybe, depending on the method used to rewrite the crystal. Currently there is a specific data field that cannot be written with the hand scanners. This data field matches the original crystal color.

No, that’s not how the Force works.

RC522 RFID scanners are popular and easy to find, but they are NOT 125khz scanners. RC522 are not compatible with kybers’s RFID tech at all.

Lightsabers: Custom Hardware Mods (4)

Yes, but it’s not an easy process. Here is an example video: Orange and Teal Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber – Custom Blade Tutorial

!$#%&^^%&^%& ! Soundboard is a stupid word FFS. Please, please please please stop using this term to describe lightsaber electronics. Not only is it inaccurate (“soundboard” term is specifically for creating sounds ONLY), but it really gives the impression that don’t know electronics or what a microcontroller is, (aka the actual device you’d want in a custom lightsaber). A microcontroller an electronics board that handles sounds AND motion controls, LEDs, animation, and more. Arduinos are just one example of popular microcontrollers. If you only had an actual soundboard in a lightsaber, you’d be a very very sad Jedi.

(Oh, uh… what was the original question again…? No, no you can’t. All of the functionality is built into proprietary boards, and you’d have to replace all of the blade internals to accomplish new sounds.)

…sdvfnaskdcnancv kaf v vklanmcvksvbfhlmrckfk

Ok, I’ve now found a term I hate more than “Soundboard”. If you’re referring to MP3 or WAV files as “Soundfonts”, please just… stop. Stop. Now if you wanna talk about the majestic glory of MIDI files and how  we should convert all audio media into their synth-y goodness, ok. I’m listening.

And no, you can’t just upload/copy/drag n’ drop etc new audio files onto the saber.

I mean, technically everything is possible with enough time and/or money. But it would absolutely not be easy or something we’d recommend. Just getting the sabers open alone is a ridiculous feat, and seem to not be possible in a non-destructive way. These can’t simply be unscrewed and swapped–There’s blood, sweat, and minor skin burns involved, and that’s not even getting into whether or not you want to keep the existing blade connector, RFID crystal scanning, or any of the existing features.

Here’s a video example of what it takes to take a part a legacy saber: Kylo Legacy Saber Teardown

Lightsabers: Stock Hardware Mods (5)

Drybrushing and/or paint washes. Here’s a great resource on learning how to weather: Simple Paint Weathering in 3 Easy Steps

Without changing the stock hardware? So far, no.

Can you add a purple ignition sound to your blue crystal and keep the blade a blue color? Nope. The sounds are connected to the blade color in the programming.

Nope. Kybers can only display colors that the hilt is already expecting, such as all the current kyber colors. As of current writing, we have not found the Kylo effect to be tied to any kyber ID.

Nope. You’ll have to make a custom blade with it’s own MCU in it to control the color.

Troubleshooting (1)

Having problems with your lightsaber? Before asking for help or contacting Disney Guest Services, try this:

Lightsaber Tech Support:

  1. Look at lothcats
  2. Try taking the blade off and on again
  3. Replace batteries
  4. Try switching to a different blade to see if problem is hilt or blade

That seems to solve most of the basic problems. If those fixes don’t work, usually it means some of the internals might have gotten loose, or you’re not looking at high enough resolution lothcat photos.

Otherwise, contact Disney Merchandise Guest Services at 877-560-6477 or via email at

Troubleshooting: Lightsabers (6)

The lightsabers are never truly electronically “off”– if they were, then you wouldn’t hear kyber or blade insertion sounds when the switch is “off”, nor could the hilt scan your crystal and change the chamber color without the blade being on. Really, the switch only turns the lightsaber blade effect and sounds. I believe this was an intention design decision for immersion’s sake, to try to replicate how a real lightsaber would act in Canon. This has the side effect of draining more power over time, especially if you leave the blade connected/inserted in the saber even when it’s “off”.

Leave the blade disconnected between uses. Otherwise, remove batteries if it’s going to be unused for a long period of time.

Nope! The kyber chamber light blinks will turn off after 10 mins or after a blade is inserted.

Usually, your batteries are dying, and there’s not enough voltage to create the correct color. If problem persists after changing batteries, then your blade your blade isn’t inserted correctly or making full contact inside. Try removing it and reattaching.

Yup! That’s due to lack of adequate LED diffusion, and/or widely spaced LEDs.

Try wrapping plumbers tape (or similar thin tape) around the base of the blade to reduce wobble.