Bluetooth Mandalorian Droid Tracking Fob

Circuit Playground BLE Droid Tracking Fob, AKA “This is definitely the droid you’re looking for.”

With all the info we’ve learned about how the Droids communicate via Bluetooth, we realized that Mandalorian bounty hunters could use their BLE advertisements to track a droid bounty.

Spork used this as an opportunity to dive into Circuit Python while I modeled the tracking fob chassis in Sketchup. After printing, I did my usual quick primer/paint/weather routine for a “good enough” finished look, and used some wire keychains for the tracking antenna.

Hot glue was used, of course.

The fob notifies you of the droid bounty’s proximity by detecting the strength of the RSSI bluetooth signal coming from the droid. The closer you are, the faster the light blinks and fob beeps.

Full video of working demo: