Light-Up Bacta Tank Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Keep your hand(s) clean with a Light-up 3D printed Bacta Tank Hand Sanitizer Bottle. After all the bacta tank jokes from the last project, of course I had to make one.

Behold, Luke’s bacta tank, now as a hand sanitizer bottle with LEDS for extra oomph. (Because why should safety NOT be ridiculously nerdy and needlessly over-engineered, AMIRITE?!)

I used an existing bottle I had as a base for the actual “tank” portion, and 3D modeled the bottle into Sketchup to build around. The lid (Safety hat? Safety hat!) and bottom that slide onto the bottle for a snug fit, while the LEDs & battery switch fit in the bottom of the base. You can watch the 3D modeling timelapse here.

For the “hoses” in the top lid (SAFETY HAT), I didn’t really have on hand (*Bespin rimshot*) the right kitbash part I visually had in mind, so I made due with some thick gauge wire that I spray painted white.

The lighting is really straight-forward: It’s made of three 5mm blue LEDs wired to a Lilypad Coincell Battery Holder.