Galaxy’s Edge Themed Face Masks

Staying safe without compromising my precious, precious immersion.

Thanks to the reopening of Shanghai Disney Resort  (along with the upcoming reopening of Walt Disney World Resort), we now have an idea of what the new normal will be for guests to safely enjoy the parks. Disney officials have announced that face coverings will be required for all guests, in combination with social distancing and other safety measures.

While there has been some negative pushback from guests about this requirement, by and large we’ve seen our immediate community of Galaxy’s Edge fans understand & support this safety measure as a reasonable condition for reopening to the public. We couldn’t be more proud of our friends in the community for understanding that the health and safety of everyone is at risk. Thank you all for trying to make the most of a less than ideal situation.

Those of you who follow me on my personal social media accounts might know that I’m very passionate about COVID-19 safety– A few months ago I even learned how to use a stabby string death machine serger and started (badly) sewing my own masks. Soon the future outlook began to look like face coverings would be a necessary safety requirement for many months to come. I tried to find some nerdy fandom masks for my own use, to no luck… so I decided to design my own. đŸ˜€

There’s two different face covering styles: Gaiter Facemasks (available via Etsy), and traditional Facemasks (available via RedBubble)

Gaiter Facemasks (via Etsy)


Regular Facemasks (via Redbubble)