Batuu Bounding Hand Sanitizer Holder

3D printed wearable small hand sanitizer bottle holder for staying safe while Batuu Bounding at Galaxy’s Edge.

So my mom is really, really great. She sent me this ridiculous/adorable set of Disney Princess hand sanitizers, for obviously safety reasons. In light of the anticipated reality of needing hand sanitizer even when back on world on Batuu, I wanted to make something a little bit more compatible with Disney Bounding/Batuu Bounding. 

I designed the holder in Sketchup to fit these (hopefully standard travel size) 2oz hand sanitizer bottles, and printed the model in PLA on the Makerbot. After some layers of high-build filler spray primer, I used Army Painter miniature model paints, regular black Liquitex acrylic, and a silver Sharpie for painting and weathering.  

Pro-tip: When designing a bottle holder, don’t forget to add a hole in the back panel so you can actually squeeze the bottle. Also, definitely don’t fully paint and weather any prototype before actually testing to see if it’s designed purpose actually works. *cough*

Learn from my prototyping mistakes.

STL files are available to download for free on Thingiverse. 


Above: “But my immersion…!” Original Princess bottle vs the first 3D printed prototype.