Double Blade Holder Clip

A 3D printed clip-on double lightsaber blade holder clip– Because I wanted an easy way to carry multiple blades without having to add additional bulk & weight of the official Savi’s/Dok’s carrying cases. 😀

It’s pretty straightforward design: The blades slide down in from the top, and are held in by the metal side locking peg thingies that usually hold it in the saber hilts. Just add D-ring of bookbinder ring to attach for traveling.

For scale, I’m 5’2 banana (plantain?) and using the shortest blades available from Dok’s. I was able to clip it to my belt and still walk around without tripping on things, but in the actual park I clipped it to my bag. (FYI, If you clip it to a backpack, please be mindful about sudden turns and inertia. Be a hero and secure it from swinging around.)

Designed in Sketchup, printed in PLA, then paint n’ weathered. 😀