Droid Lego Hands

This was literally the first thing I wanted to make after I got my first droid:


…like a hundred tiny little Lego lightsabers. (Don’t judge me.)

Designed in Sketchup. This one was hard to test because of the small scale of the features. We had to print this in resin on the Form 1+ for it to come out properly– printing in PLA came out to a mess, though I’m sure it would have printed better if I tweaked settings like min layer cool time and printed on .1 layer height. Still, this is the exact type of print that an SLA printer is actually ideal for.

In the end, we had the best success with this print via Shapeways. I modeled a thin connecting sprue to keep a set of 6 arms attached together, like a model kit. The tolerances were tighter than when designing for PLA, but the quality resolution and object strength came out perfect.

The file is available to download for our Patreons, and high resolution 3d prints from Shapeways are available via our Etsy. As always, thank you for your support! <3

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Fun fact! Did you know you can order packs of tiny Lego lightsabers on Amazon? You’re welcome.