Leia’s Lightsaber

HAPPY LIFE DAY. I’m sharing these files today because I want to make sure that ANYONE who wants to be Jedi Leia for Christmas can do so. <3 ;_;

Potato-quality photo of Leia’s saber in The Rise of Skywalker

As a Star Wars & Leia fan for 20+ years, and as a fan of the original EU… you have no idea how moved to tears I was to see my favorite space Princess finally have a lightsaber of her own officially in canon. I can’t convey how much it meant to me for this saber to appear on screen.

Not only is it canon, but it’s the most beautifully designed canon lightsaber I’ve ever seen. Her saber hasn’t appeared as a Legacy saber in Dok’s in Galaxy’s Edge yet and there’s still no ETA (insert angry Wookie scream here), so I decided to make my very own replica in Sketchup.

Files for downloading (and more information) are available on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4067592