Droid Bluetooth Scanning with nRF Connect

After the previous unsuccessful SDR scanning adventure, I’ve switched back to Bluetooth scanning with the nRF Connect app. It turns out that Droids have GATT services and are connectable when their paired remotes are off. The catch is that the app is disconnected almost immediately after connecting.

Below is the Services info found when scanning my droid. Of note, it looks like all droids have the same UUID numbers, so I’m hoping this is related to how the remotes communicate with them.

Generic Access
UUID: 1800
Primary Service

Generic Attribute
UUID: 1801

Unknown Service
UUID: 09B600A0-3E42-41FC-B474-E9C0C8F0C801
Primary Service

Unknown Characteristic
UUID: 09B600B0-3E42-41FC-B474-E9C0C8F0C801
Properties: Notify
Value: N/A

Unknown Characteristic
UUID: 09B600B1-3E42-41FC-B474-E9C0C8F0C801
Properties: Write without response, write
Value: N/A