Switching to M0 Trinket and Custom Connectors

Up to now, our Arduino board of choice was the 3.3v Arduino Pro Mini. Unfortunately, we started to realize it was holding us back from running complex FastLED animations while trying to read the serial data from the lightsaber hilt. Luckily we had an Adafruit m0 Trinket in the library to test our code on, and the speed difference was HUGE.

For comparison, the Trinket is a 48 MHz 32 bit processor compared to our previous 8 MHz 3.3v Pro mini ( which in turn was only half the speed of an 16 MHz Arduino Uno.)

Along with the board upgrade, I decided I was done soldering and desoldering boards over and over while iterating on this project, so I made a set of connectors ease of board swapping, LED changes, or even quick breadboarding.