Unrelease Orange and Teal Kyber Colors

Do you want a perfect example of front end and back end devs working harmoniously together?

Spork comes up to me and asks, “Uh… do these two look the same color to you?”

“…no. No, they do not.”

While testing out potentially hidden saber colors, he had come across a couple where they light up the blade, but just showed a previously existing color. While filming a video he noticed that the color in the kyber chamber seemed different, and wanted a sanity check.

He was right. Orange and Teal are programmed into the saber, BUT blades show the color as Yellow and Blue. The colors show up correctly in the kyber chamber itself.

Our guess is that this is either left over demo/dev code for a product that was ultimately not greenlit, OR a bug in the blade’s LED driver code resulting in the blade not knowing how to display the color correctly.

The blade definitely receives a unique “this is teal” signal, so hopefully Disney will release new blades that can support the color correctly.

On the bright side, custom blade mods and third party blades will work since it’s a unique color signal. 😀