Blame it on the Rancor Horn


Truth be told, I was a lifelong Star Wars fan, but I wasn’t planning on buying a custom $200 lightsaber. I’d often joke (?), “If there’s no rancor horn blade, then I’m not interested dammit”, thanks to my love of one of my favorite original EU characters, Tenel Ka.

A week before our preview reservation, I looked up some reviews to prep. Lo and behold, there was my goddamn rancor horn saber option, in all of its Dathomirian Force witch glory. I was already planning to make my own custome scrap hilt pieces by the time I entered Savi’s.

When I closed my eyes to imagine the color of my kyber crystal, there was only one answer: Teal. My heart needed a teal lightsaber to run around Batuu with as an untrained Scoundrel Force witch, liberating Porgs and mouse droids alike from their captors while smuggling contraband for the highest bidder.

So of course I choose a purple kyber, made a bunch of Teras Kasi jokes, and began shoving fistfuls of space popcorn into my mouth while plotting how I would somehow make my very own tealsaber.

I’m a UX designer/frontend dev, designer, and pseudo code programming “expert” who grew up building her own computers and drawing silly pictures. I’ve been dabbling in Arduino the last few years, and I tend to just kinda know how things work, so I figured lightsaber mods would be a good project to learn some new concepts on.

Now I’m reading binary and trying to send instructional pulses via analog output. Things… have escalated quickly.

This blog is about how I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m still learning amazing stuff along the way.